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!!'''OmniGraphSketcher: Extending Illustration to Quantitative Graphs'''
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!!'''OmniGraphSketcher: Extending Illustration to Quantitative Graphs'''

''University of Washington [[ | DUB]] colloquium\\
Seattle, WA\\
July 29, 2009''

Scientists, engineers, and educators commonly need to make graphs that quickly illustrate quantitative ideas yet are not based on specific data sets.  I call these graphs quantitative concept diagrams (QCDs).  To reduce the cost of creating QCDs, I developed software that deeply integrates the data plotting capabilities of charting programs with the direct manipulation techniques of illustration programs.  I will demo the latest version of this software - OmniGraphSketcher - and show some of the ways customers are using it.  I will then step back a bit to discuss how to use new interaction techniques to solve old problems, as illustrated by some of my favorite direct-manipulation interfaces from the Mac software world.

Robin Stewart is a software developer and user interface designer at The Omni Group, a Mac software company in Seattle.  Robin started programming for Mac OS X during his first year at Williams College, when he discovered that there was no good software for making economics-style graphs.  After doing research in artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and information retrieval, he decided all of that was boring compared to graph sketching, and wrote his MIT masters thesis on what had become a five-year "side project."  He joined Omni last fall and the side project became their newest application, OmniGraphSketcher. The paper describing this software was a Best Note at CHI 2009.

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