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July 23, '04

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The past two weekends, my flatmates and I have been going to a local bar where everyone watches the New Zealand All Blacks rugby game on TV.  In case I haven't yet mentioned it, Kiwis are fairly obsessed with their rugby teams -- apparently a few years ago after a devastating loss in the finals, the entire economy went into recession for several months! It's a pretty exciting in there.  The place is always packed and there are TVs everywhere.  I took this photo shortly after a major point by the All Blacks; the cheering has pretty much subsided but you can still see one dude celebrating...
I went on my first Geology field trip, where we mapped out a rock bed by analyzing rocks in different areas.  This is part of an abandoned limestone mine. Here you can get some sense of scale
This picture is awesome!  It totally makes me laugh though; maybe it's those silly hats...  Anyhow the people on the right are the lab prof and one of the TAs.  What a gorgeous place eh? Here we're walking to another site to find rocks.  The brick structure is an old furnace for making concrete.  The little beige specks in the valley are sheep.  The girl closest to the camera lives next to my flat, which I only know because of her hat.  And no, I do not mean the orange hat, I mean the blue hat underneath.  And yes, I too wear the same hat all the time.  We were all freezing our asses off by this time, but it's all good.
I'm telling you, those sheep are fast little buggers! The mountain with the radio tower in the distance is the mountain we hiked up during the last set of pictures.  The panorama photos were taken from just to the right of the tower.
Just for you, I took my camera along on one of my runs.  Here is beautiful Otago bay as seen from an overpass. This is sort of on the other side; suburban Dunedin, if you will.
Time for class!  This is the Clocktower Building, probably the most famous building on campus.  It is right on the banks of a stream which you can't really see from here. During passing times there are students EVERYWHERE.  Unfortunately this picture only managed to capture a fairly wasted-looking guy.  The building in the background is the student union building, with various places to eat and stuff.
Inside the "Information Services Building", aka the new library complex, which is awesome.  This is outside the actual library. Times like these make me appreciate nice small colleges like Williams.  The line of people on the right are waiting to use a computer, even though there are at least a hundred of them in this area!
Inside the library Downtown Dunedin.  There are tons of little restaurants, shops, cafes, etc.  This is only about 5 or 6 blocks away from my flat, and maybe 3 away from the Uni (which is what everyone calls the university).
This is in the Octagon, the center of town.  They were setting up some kind of slope with artificial snow. A big old cathedral on the Octagon.