hiking up Mt. Cargill
July 17, '04

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I hiked up Mt. Cargill with my new friend Selina.  About half of the walk was along the road on the way to the trailhead.  We passed this funny cat sitting in a window. I thought this was a pretty nice view, but I had no idea what was coming
Here is Selina in front of the view which you saw in the last picture. Interesting New Zealand flora on the way up.
More interesting plant life.  There were also quite a few ferns, which you can vaguely see in the background. up close and funky
Now THAT's what I call a view.  We had almost reached the top.  You are looking along the east coast of New Zealand. Here is Dunedin, viewed from above!  As you can see, I hiked a fairly long way. :)
Partway down the Otago Peninsula The mouth of Otago Peninsula.  On the bus tour we drove out all the way to the lumpy end.
Ah, the sun.  One of the weird things about being in the Southern Hemisphere (yes, besides the drains draining in the opposite direction) (which is not actually true in case you were wondering), is that although the sun still travels from East to West, it is close to the Northern horizon instead of Southern.  This means that the sun seems to travel the opposite way across the sky than it does in the States.  Ponder that one over... I thought this was such a cute little hill
The little bay just before the ocean is another place we visited on the bus tour Evening fog coming in and a lonely house on a ridge
Turns out, there's also a road that goes up this mountain.  We bumped into a friend of Selina's there, who kindly drove us back to town!  Here is Dunedin at sunset.

Huge long panorama