Bolivia - part 2
May 23 - June 1, '05

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Alissa and Robin turned coca druggies  mmmm Our first view of La Paz!
The lake at the pass Gorgeous views biking down the hill
Cool rock fences Pausing before the tunnel of destruction
Karl, Alissa, Katie, Elana chill on the bikes Elana and me
First view of the World's Most Dangerous Road (WMDR)
Ariel and Katie F looking glamorous A van screams along the cliff edge
Human traffic lights Jesus (and this belching truck) apparently love you.
Choir turned bike squad Coroico in the distance
Coroico as viewed from our sweet, sweet hotel The mountains around Coroico in the early morning; the road winding to the left is the WMDR that we biked down
Probably the prettiest place we have ever rehearsed - a gazebo overlooking the mountains The drive back up the WMDR was just as exciting
A bus passes in front of a slaty rock face on the WMDR Artsy motion photo of a sweet bridge in the misty fog
Liz sleeps. Morgan blinks.  Brad has no comment. Were you "scared" going up the WMDR?
La Paz was unlike anything I had ever seen before Amazing artsy photo of dude with La Paz and mountains in background
Panorama of La Paz as seen from our hotel roof Totally amazing haphazard steep brick houses
We were so happy to see Elana Hotel view of La Paz and mountain the next morning
The streets of La Paz Protesters on the main street (not that I took pictures...)
The requisite Apple store picture The main square with lots of protesters
Afternoon sun on La Paz hills Time-lapse of sunset
No you di-nt! Last dinner in La Paz.  what a cute group :)
It's an Abby, Aleha, Katie pile Brad caught brushing his teeth (who took this picture??)
Robin takes over Aleha's bed... again Ah Katie