Bolivia - part 1
May 23 - June 1, '05

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After arriving in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we started driving towards Urubicha.  To get there you must cross the river on this long one-lane bridge. Taking a break next to a statue of "three bad presidents", according to Rubin
Buying water (most of us) or coca leaves (Dale). For some reason most of the public telephones were inside large vicious animals
Almost to Urubicha... local kids, Rick, and our guide Mercedes listen to us do a little singing Any place is a good place for frisbee
The requisite "scenery and Brad's bald head" shot Urubicha!  Everyone watched our bus pull up
Inside the mission where we stayed, we played soccer with some local kids (and took pictures) I *love* sunset shots
Thomas + camera proved very popular with the kids! Part of the very long dining table in the mission in Urubicha
Rubin conducts the orchestra in Urubicha - they played Vivaldi etc. Kids watch the orchestra rehearse from outside the church
After the concert a whole bunch of students played percussion in the bell tower! Thomas's posse just keeps on growing :)
These Bolvian kids were frisbee badasses Two guys fishing on the river outside of Urubicha.  Apparently it is full of paranas and anacondas!  We saw green macaws fly overhead.
Choir folk down by the river.  Katie stretches. Robin and Karl are wearing the same choir shirt as the sun sets.
An evening Ultimate game with the local kids.  It was the cutest thing ever.  And man oh man check out that sky. Brad conducts our concert in Urubicha
There was a huge audience, especially for such a small town.  Brad and Ivar attempt to explain what we are singing... Corpus Christi morning; everyone is walking around the town plaza following the ceremonies.  Everyone with blond hair is a member of our group...
Alyssa, Morgan, and Brad are not convinced Urubichans wave us goodbye
Rainforest between mission towns Morgan takes control of the huge rock in the middle of the street
People check out the bats and lizards hanging out on the gazebo roof; Charlotte is speechless Liz, Robin, Charlotte
Hahaha - the boys in sardine room sleeping in identical positions... Inside San Javier cathedral
Exploring the bell tower An adorable little girl!
We walked up to a viewpoint... and looked at the view did a little rock climbing... I definitely did not notice the shape of the grafitti until just now
The outer tree was growing up and around the palm tree in the middle!  Rubin turned it into some story about men and women... Alec is in front of the church in Concepción - basically the same as the previous one but even more decked out
Rubin teaches us a Bolivian song.  aww Rick, Alissa, Rubin, Robin, Bradley
Why, hello Charlotte Aleha and Abbey chill in the "two person" hammock
Thomas and Carlos in the Concepcion internet cafe A little oasis on the hot ride back to Santa Cruz
Lots of strange rounded rocks... where did they come from? This is a view from the bus of where Liz and I went running in San Javier
Bolivians wash laundry down by the river