What a Feeling (Music Video)

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"A comical spin on campus life." - The Williams Record
"Phenomenal!" - Alissa Caron
"I feel the passion deep inside..." - Katie Lewkowicz
"An international hit." - Bill Lenhart, Provost
"I look like a water buffalo." - Comrade Colin
"Truly fantastic!!" - Drew Newman
"I just wanted to let you all know that you completely rock my world.� =)" - Steve Winslow
"It is magnificent. Even sent it to the trustees." -- Morty Schapiro, President
"Now if you can just photoshop a two-piece bathing suit over Morty's sweater and gray flannels...." - anonymous Alumni Office staff
"You've just set the gold standard..." - Jesse Dill
"WE ARE SO HOT!" - Leah Weintraub
"It might be the greatest piece of art ever made." - Ari Schoenholtz
"Restored my faith in humankind." - Jim Kolesar, Director of Public Affairs
"CAN'T......STOP......WATCHING!!!!" - general campus sentiment


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